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Free studio gobo design

November 11, 2010

I have recently completed the design for a new “super gobo” for recording studios and post production sound. Usually gobos have an absorbent side and and a hard, reflective side. This super gobo, however, has a high performance diffusor on one side, and an absorber on the other.

With casters on the bottom, you have a gobo that provides adjustable room acoustics that can be used for more than just adding some isolation to musicians. By exposing either the absorptive or diffusive side, and moving the gobo into different positions, you can experiment and optimize the acoustical signature of your room at will.

Sound editors can also use these to add very effective acoustical treatments to their workspace. Often times these are rooms like small offices or spare bedrooms, which were never designed with sound in mind.

And having casters on the bottom makes it easy to change between exposing the diffusor and the absorber, and adjust gobo angles for the best sonic performance.

Another advantage is, should you move to another workspace, the casters on the free-standing gobos make it very easy to move your investment in acoustical treatment to your next room. Nothing gets left behind.

The plans are free for any one to use for personal use, and are available as a pdf download at

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