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So Just What Is An Acoustical Analysis?

April 4, 2013

An acoustical analysis provides very detailed and useful information about an acoustical space, such as your mix room, control room, live recording room, or screening theater. Multiple test measurements are performed in multiple positions in your room and recorded in a computer. This raw data is then manipulated by the software to provide plots and graphs that reveal a treasure trove of information.

These measurements precisely identify characteristics that sabotage the sound quality of your space. In addition to disclosing data on obvious problems, a room analysis can also reveal issues that happen at a level where perhaps you can’t hear them, but you can detect their resulting effects. It also reveals problems that are masked by other sound. Extended mode decays, early reflection artifacts, and air conditioning rumble are examples of these that I frequently see.

But nothing can hide from a good room analysis. It is an excellent tool to pinpoint issues like these, and is the tool of choice to provide you with direction when upgrading the acoustical performance of a room. It yields pinpoint data to show exactly where treatment is needed, but equally important where it is not needed. In addition to having a more accurate and good sounding room, this helps you to make the most effective use of your budget.

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